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Come to Back On Track Clinic if you Need Repetitive Strain Injury Treatment in Tunbridge Wells

For Treatment of Repetitive Strain Injuries, Visit Back On Track Clinic in Uckfield

Has repetitive strain injury affected your life? Repetitive strain injury, which is also know as RSI, can be a debilitating and painful condition. So don't rely on just anyone when it comes to your treatment. In Uckfield, we offer effective repetitive strain injury treatment. For repetitive strain injury treatment, call Back On Track Clinic now on 01825 704985.

In Uckfield, Find Repetitive Strain Injury Treatment

RSI is a general term used in reference to chronic pain in any part of the body that stems from overuse. RSI symptoms occur generally in the hands, arms, and upper-body. RSI is caused by many different things. While there is no one treatment for RSI, there are many good therapies available, depending on the nature of one's condition. In Uckfield, inquire with us about finding the right repetitive strain injury treatment for you.

Getting to Know About Repetitive Strain Injury Treatment in Uckfield

There are many people in Uckfield who require treatment for repetitive strain injury. RSI is usually caused by doing the same activity repeatedly over long periods of time. You can have either type 1 or type 2 RSI. Good examples of type 1 RSI include tendonitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, tennis elbow, and writer's cramp. Non-specific, diffused pain, not centred in a single area is typical of type 2 RSI.

In Uckfield, Some Different Varieties of Repetitive Strain Injury Treatment

When you are looking for treatment for repetitive strain injury, you will find options. Steroidal injections can be quite effective for certain type of RSI. Osteopathy and massage have also proven to be effective treatments. In some cases, surgery may be necessary. Inquire with our representatives in Uckfield about which type of repetitive strain injury treatment will be most effective for you.

In Uckfield, Some More Facts About Repetitive Strain Injury Treatment

The treatment of repetitive strain injuries is not limited to just one method. In the case of type 1 RSI, different methods of treatment can be appropriate. Type 2 RSI is subtler to detect and often more complicated to treat. Our representatives can't wait to discuss your options for repetitive strain injury treatment. Back On Track Clinic in Uckfield is ready to help when you need treatment for a repetitive strain injury.

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