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Obtain Back Treatment in Tunbridge Wells from Back On Track Clinic

Contact Back On Track Clinic for a Physiotherapist in Uckfield

When you need back treatment, trust a physiotherapist who is registered with the Health Professions Council (HPC). We take pride in the fact that apart from improving your pain, our physiotherapy methods will also raise the level of your wellbeing and hence help decrease the chance of back pain re-occurring. The root cause is located and then tackled alongside the curing of pain. Our physiotherapists will be able to recommend the treatment programme that is right for you. Call Back On Track Clinic for more information on 01825 704985 today!

Back Pain Treatment in Uckfield

Almost everybody experiences back pain at some point in time or the other. A lot of back pain is caused by strains and minor injury rather than serious injury. Back pain is usually a slow pain which starts in the lower back, also called the lumbar region. This kind of pain could be sudden and usually is triggered because of faulty postures while sitting, sleeping, driving, lifting or because of over straining oneself. In rare instances there could be more serious injuries or causes for back pain.

Treating Your Back Pain in Uckfield

Back treatment can be remedied by heat and ice therapy as well as activity and bed rest. Your back may require physiotherapy first, which should identify the cause of the back pain. Many people see this as an effective way of easing muscle and joint pains. If you're using painkillers and anti-inflammatory medicines or applying creams and sprays with anti-inflammatory ingredients in, you may find they work. When no other treatments have worked, you might think about surgery.

How Physiotherapy Helps in Back Treatment in Uckfield

After assessing the mobility of a patient, the physiotherapist looks at their routine and lifestyle to determine possible causes of the pain. Certain types of massage, exercise, electrotherapy and hydrotherapy will help different types of back pain. Hydrotherapy on the other hand makes use of water, its resistance and the body's weightlessness once immersed, and reduces the tension which causes pain. Your physiotherapist can teach you the ideal movements and exercises to strengthen your back. Electrotherapy works by short-circuiting pain messages to the brain through electrical impulses.

Searching for a Physiotherapist in Uckfield

You will require a physiotherapist, who has undergone all the training and has experience. A physiotherapist should be able to diagnose the reason for the back pain and should be able to suggest the most effective treatment. You may be able to avoid future back problems by adopting the ideal posture, which your physiotherapist can help you with. If you have regular sessions, you may be able to erase your back pain. The physiotherapist, having expertise in all forms of physiotherapy, should be able to expertly guide and help you.

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